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Help define the social community!

With the new Geo/SIG web presence platform, we are rolling out a new  feature to help you communicate, collaborate, and build a sense of social community for your Geo or SIG. Think of this as a private Facebook for your Geo or SIG. The caveat here is that a person must have a valid OAUG profile and login/pw to access the communities.

We have rolled out the base functionality but want your help in making this a community built by the community. Once your site has been set up, click on the 'Community' link. We have already created a group for each of your Geo/SIGs. Please join that group by searching for the name of your Geo/SIG. Click on the group link in the search return then click on "Join this group" from the group social page.

In this first iteration, members of your Geo or SIG must manually join your social group. We are investigating the possibility to auto-joining your members based on the info we pull in from MemberSuite on the sigle sign-on. This may appear on the roadmap for a future iteration.

In the meantime, Geo/SIG coordinators or other social group admins you designate may add members to your social group as long as they have valid OAUG login credentials and are members of the OAUG. You may do this by simply inviting members from your group page.