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Pilot Group Release Notes - Initial Iteration

Known Issues

Social Community

Social Community User Profile - Changing e-mail address and password should not be used: When editing your user profile you are provided the opportunity to update your e-mail address and change your password. Neither of these actions should be taken. Doing so will result in your UID/PW being out of sync with your OAUG MemberSuite profile/account. We are in the process of removing these options from this page. 

Social Community User Profile - About field missing: The About field is missing from the individual's social profile. This will be re-activated.

Search functionality - Currently returns search results from across OAUG.org: We are soliciting input from the pilot group on if, and how, this should be tweaked to optimize usability. Please provide your feedback in the discussion are of the Geo/SIG Platform Product Group (resides in the social community).