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Pilot Blog

Pilot Group Onboarding Process

Greetings and thank you for being a member of our pilot group! We are looking forward to working with you and getting your feedback on the new platform. To get started:

1. Go to the Help Desk on this site (http://communities.oaug.org/help-desk).

2. Enter your e-mail address and name the select the Issue Type "New Website". Complete and submit the form.

3. Our cracker jack support team will review your information then follow up with you quickly. If you are creating your site from scratch, we will set up your basic shell site with your chosen design option then provide you with the URL and access to your site. If you need help after you get started, please return back to the Help Desk and submit an issue.

For those creating their site from scratch, we are asking that you get it up and running within 30 days (by August 14 at the latest) and provide us appropriate feedback along the way. That feedback should be provided within the Geo/SIG Platform Product group in the social community. You will access that via your site and will have already been assigned membership into that group.

If you have a complex site or need assistance in getting an existing site migrated, we will do a quick assessment and then get back to you with a migration process and estimate on how long the migration should take.

Help define the social community!

With the new Geo/SIG web presence platform, we are rolling out a new  feature to help you communicate, collaborate, and build a sense of social community for your Geo or SIG. Think of this as a private Facebook for your Geo or SIG. The caveat here is that a person must have a valid OAUG profile and login/pw to access the communities.

We have rolled out the base functionality but want your help in making this a community built by the community. Once your site has been set up, click on the 'Community' link. We have already created a group for each of your Geo/SIGs. Please join that group by searching for the name of your Geo/SIG. Click on the group link in the search return then click on "Join this group" from the group social page.

In this first iteration, members of your Geo or SIG must manually join your social group. We are investigating the possibility to auto-joining your members based on the info we pull in from MemberSuite on the sigle sign-on. This may appear on the roadmap for a future iteration.

In the meantime, Geo/SIG coordinators or other social group admins you designate may add members to your social group as long as they have valid OAUG login credentials and are members of the OAUG. You may do this by simply inviting members from your group page.

Pilot Group Release Notes - Initial Iteration

Known Issues

Social Community

Social Community User Profile - Changing e-mail address and password should not be used: When editing your user profile you are provided the opportunity to update your e-mail address and change your password. Neither of these actions should be taken. Doing so will result in your UID/PW being out of sync with your OAUG MemberSuite profile/account. We are in the process of removing these options from this page. 

Social Community User Profile - About field missing: The About field is missing from the individual's social profile. This will be re-activated.

Search functionality - Currently returns search results from across OAUG.org: We are soliciting input from the pilot group on if, and how, this should be tweaked to optimize usability. Please provide your feedback in the discussion are of the Geo/SIG Platform Product Group (resides in the social community).