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Aligning Images within Content


Department: General Bugs

Date: 07.08.2015 15:39:55

10.08.2015 13:57:38

Jim Grove (Staff):

Good Morning Melissa,

Within the Images folder, you may create a folder structure as you see fit for your organization. What was provided in the initial launch is simply sample content.

There are 2 editor features to control wrapping text around your image—alignment and margin. Click your image to select it. Then click on the image icon in the editor. The same modal window you used to upload the image will appear.

For Alignment, click the drop-down and select the side of the page you wish the image to align to.

For margin, deselect the "Equal Values" check box. Within the boxes set top="0" Bottom="10". Depending if you chose to align your image left or right, set the alignment value to "0" and the opposite value to "10." For example, if you aligned your image right, then set the right="0" and the left="10." Switch teh numbers if you aligned it left.

I hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to resply with any further questions.

Jim Grove
OAUG Staff

07.08.2015 15:39:55

Melissa Sider:

Added Jason Kamp's photo to the Board of Directors page, but cannot figure out how to wrap the text around the box, similar to the other photos.  Also, added the photo twice the the repository, one is correct in the BOD folder (although I cannot rename to follow the convention) and the other is in the Events folder, which can be deleted, but I don't appear to have the authority.