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Unpublish A News Article

Step 1: Go to the website where you are trying to unpublish the news article
Step 2: In the Top Right Corner, Click the Blue "Log In" button, and log in using the Username and Password combination assign with the Geo/SIG Coordinator or Webmaster status.


Step 3: Navigate to the article you would like to unpublish. The article can be found either on the Home page, in the News section, or both depending on how you site was configured.
Step 4: Click on the Paper and Pencil Icon just below the title in order to edit the article.

edit icon

NOTE: A the Page will refresh with the wysiwyg editor open.

Step 6: Click on the Tab "Publish" located just under the red word "Cancel"
Step 7: Locate the "Status" tab located about half way down on the tabs list.

unpublish action

Step 8: Change the status to "Unpublished"
Step 9: Click the green "Save" button at the top.

NOTE: This will keep the article from displaying on the website to the general user. However, a logged in Geo-SIG Coordinator or Webmaster will see the unpublished article. They will be able to edit and publish the Article again if they choose to do so.