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  1. To add a hyperlink to text (including email addresses), highlight it and select the hyperlink icon (shown above). A pop-up box will display to assist you with setting up your link and you will see your highlighted text in the "Text" fi
  • Add a Hyperlink to an External URLType the URL into the URL field, with http:// first. If you do not add this, you will be prompted upon inserting your link to add it; click "Yes". This would be used when the link is is not contained within coreunlimitedllc.com.
  • Add a Hyperlink to an Internal Page
    If you want to link to a page that is already an article or a menu item within the site, click on the + sign next to the corresponding section:
    • "Menu" if the article is a menu item. Select the menu to view the menu items. 
    • "Content" if it is an article that is not associated with a menu item. Select the category to view the articles.
    • "K2 Categories & Items" if you want to link to link to a specific K2 item. Select the category to view the K2 items.
    Once you have opened the corresponding section, click on the article or menu item and the URL will be automatically generated into the URL field.
  • Add a Hyperlink for an Email Address 
    Click on the mail icon next to the URL field at the top of the pop-up box. In the next step, add the email addresses in their appropriate field.
    Note: This site does not display full email addresses, instead it uses either "Email (company name)" or "Sarah Smith" (as an example) and that text has the hyperlink in it. Do not display a full email address as a text hyperlink. You can ensure that you are not doing this by viewing the URL and Text fields after you have added the email addresses; URL will have "mailto:email address" and Text will have "Email (company name)" or "Sarah Smith" (as an example).
  • Set the Target 
    This option sets how the link will open in the browser. For external sites, it is best to set the Target as Open in new window so that the viewer is not taken away from the primary website. Select Open in new window from the drop-down menu to apply this and the link will open in a new browser tab. For an internal page, this is not necessary as the user will stay within the primary website and we don't want to crowd the viewer's browser with several open tabs for each link. In the case of an internal page, Target can be left as the default, which is "- -Not Set- -"
  1. Click Insert when you are finished.
  2. Once your text has been successfully hyperlinked, the hyperlink icons will be highlighted:
  3. Select the left icon to remove the link, or select the right icon to edit the existing link.