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Using the Content Editor

The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor appears on the Content Tab for each administration page. The toolbar, shown below, provides the functions available for manipulating the page content including text, images, and media. These functions have been streamlined for our Geo/SIG users. The following documentation will introduce you to the essential elements of the editor.

editor controls

Starting Notes

It is important to use these icons with discretion. CSS (cascading style sheets) is applied to the overall theme to maintain consistency throughout the website's coontent; these include font faces, colors, sizes, and more. Use character styles sparingly. Do not use different colors to identify section headers or copy. Hyperlinked text already has a CSS style associated with it, therefore there is no need to assign it any other styles.

Not all of the functions shown in the toolbar are necessary to administer page content. The following documentation describes the ones you should know for the basic administration of your website.